It isn't every day that you find yourself in a situation that can change the course of the rest of your life. Yesterday ScottishPower invited me to their Carland cross site. I was lucky enough to go and photograph the UKs first hybrid site. It was a fantastic experience and I would love to do more shoots like it. The use of solar wind and batteries on the same site brings a number of benefits and I think this is the future. I would like to thank the whole team at Carland cross for being welcoming, informative and passionate about their amazing work.
I am please to present selected images from my shoot at Carland cross. It was a pleasure to take these photos and I'm glad to say that the client is pleased with the work. I look forward to see them in use!
The images I took for Scottish Power proved themselves when one was used to introduce the new sight to the companies 89 thousand followers on LinkedIn. the post received 443 likes and was well received by their online audience.